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[Dogs attacking the Black slaves.]

Slave Markt

Women of Kazegut in different dresses; Negroes climbing the palm tree; A Negro playing on the Ballard or Balafo; Hut of the Negroes.

Prospect of the coast from El Mina to Mowri; Negro canoes carrying slaves at Mansrow; Prospect of St. Georges castle at El Mina.

Negro house of Cape Mesurado.

Prospect of Bense Island and fort; Bense Island; Negro house at Sierra Leona.

View of Cape de Verde; View of the Negro town at Rusisco.

A Poem: by Phillis, a Negro Girl, in Boston

The mode of flogging Slaves, as described in Bickells "West Indies as they are."

Selling females by the pound.

The slaves are sometimes chained together when they go to work in the fields, lest their love of liberty should induce them to make violent efforts to escape.

A mother's anguish.

Emancipated slaves can take care of themselves.

Branding slaves.

Hunting slaves with dogs and guns.

In the Slave Market, Constantinople

Emancipation statue Boston, Mass.

Sculpture of Lincoln freeing a slave by Thomas Ball in Park Square.

Emancipation group, Park Square, Boston.

A plantation scene in South Carolina.

Map showing the distribution of slaves in the Southern States

Redeemed in Virginia by Catherine S. Lawrence. Baptized in Brooklyn….by Henry Ward Beecher, May, 1863. Fannie Virginia Casseopia Lawrence, a Redeemed Slave Child, 5 years of age.


A plantation scene in South Carolina.

The Ramesêum. The remains of the great hypostyle of the Temple of Rameses II. The figures of Christian slaves have been painted on some of the columns.

[Dutch soldiers in a boat with slaves from the Colonies, Africa.]

It takes a man to be a soldier

Got your habits on

Grandchildren of slaves.

An ex-slave.

Slave traders marching their captives to the coast, butchering disabled ones along the way.

An ex-slave.

Lewis county slaves sold on Cheapside.

Bond posted by C. M. Clay to emancipate six slaves.

Sold to go South.

Folks in the big house.

Old slave with hand held hemp-brake.

Old slave quarters on one of the plantations which is now part of La Delta Project, Thomastown, La., June 1940.

Old slave couple , Mercer county.

Where Robards kept his "choice stock" of slaves.

Edward Stone's coffle gang.

Old Negro [former slave] with horn with which slaves were called; Near Marshall, Texas.

View of chained African slaves in cargo hold of slave ship, measuring three feet and three inches high.