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Manûchihr beheads his uncle Salm in battle.

A battle between Iranians and Turanians.

Farâmarz kills Takhânû in battle.

Kay Khusrau kills the shah of Makrân in battle.

A second episode in the battle between the armies of Farâmarz and Mihârk.

A third episode in the battle between the armies of Farâmarz and Mihârk.

The soldiers of Afrâsiyâb battle the Iranians for the first time.

A third battle against the soldiers of Zangbâr.

Another battle against the soldiers of Zangbâr.

The Iranians battle the army of Turan.

Sixth vision: John sees birds feeding on the vanquished and the battle between the armies of the beast and those of the White Rider. (Apoc. 19:17-18)

Fourth vision: angels battle against the crowned beast from the sea; the beast, without crowns, blasphemes God for forty two months.

Rubric and full-page miniature showing battle.

Text with placemarkers, rubric, and half-page miniature showing a battle.

Rubric; full page miniature of battle.

Text with rubric and placemarkers. Miniature showing a battle.

Rubric and full-page miniature showing a battle.

Rubric and full-page miniature of Saul in battle.

Text with rubrics and placemarkers. Miniature spread over two pages of a battle.

Rubric and full-page miniature showing a battle.

Text with rubric, placemarkers, and red, blue and green initial. Miniature spread over two pages showing a battle.

Full-page miniature showing a battle.

Miniature showing 1. Marriage of Jocasta and Oedipus on the steps of a gothic church; 2. Jocasta appears to argue with Oedipus; 3. Jocasta's and Oedipus' sons go to battle in the presence of their sisters. Rubric, initial, border design.

70 CE: The rival factions of Simon son of Gioras and John of Giscala forget their mutual hatred and unite in battle against the Romans.

67 CE: The rebels of Scythopolis, having fled to Tarichaeae in the Galilee, draw the Romans into a naval battle on Lake Tiberias.

40 BCE: Pacorus, son of the King of Parthia, attacks Jerusalem. In a fierce battle, he is repulsed by Hyrcanus II and Phasael.

66 CE: The Jews, seeing that Cestius is approaching Jerusalem, attack his troops at Gabao (Gibeon, five miles NW of Jerusalem). They kill 515 Romans; only 22 Jews are lost in battle.

55 CE: An Egyptian false prophet, having set himself up as tyrant, leads his 30,000 followers into a battle with the Romans in Jerusalem. Most of his men are killed or taken prisoner.

57 BCE: Alexander, son of Aristobulus, fights the combined forces of Gabinius (proconsul of Syria), Mark Anthony, and a Jewish contingent loyal to Antipater II. In the battle, three thousand of Alexander's men are killed and three thousand taken prisoner.

88 BCE: The Jews, aided by Demetrius III, King of Syria, fight Alexander Jannaeus. Demetrius wins the battle but then withdraws, having been abandoned by the Jews who had summoned him.

67 CE: Titus and Trajan join battle against the Jewish rebels of Tarichaeae.

68 CE: The Zealots, incited by John of Giscala, ask the Idumaeans to join the battle in Jerusalem. Jesus, the priest next in seniority to Ananus, addresses the Idumaeans from the tower of Jerusalem, in an attempt to dissuade them from joining the Zealots.

67 CE: Titus captures Gamala in a battle so fierce that the whole city is deluged with blood.

67 CE: The cavalry of Titus complete the capture of Japhia after a six-hour battle.

Double-sided page [fol. CC VIII, krigen funden werden. Darnach der künig Philippus... (Battle between the Romans and King Philip)]

Double-sided page [fol. CC VIII, krigen funden werden. Darnach der künig Philippus... (Battle between the Romans and King Philip)]

Battle between men and centaurs

The Battle of the Pictures

View from Battle Hill [Long Island]

A prospective plan on the battle fought near Lake George on the 8th of September, 1755....

Miniature of Battle for Soul of the Deceased and Office of the Dead

The battle pass (in Prospect Park), Brooklyn

View from Battle Hill (Gowanus Heights, near New York)

Battle of Harlem.

Lord Stirling at the battle of Long Island

The battle at Bunker's Hill

Monmouth Battle Ground, N.J.

Saratoga, battle ground at Stillwater

Braddock's Battle Field

[Battle of Lexington]

Bunker Hill after the battle.

Battle at Lexington

The Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey, on June 28, 1778

Battle of Princeton

The Battle of Harlem Heights, September 16, 1776

An exact view of the late battle at Charlestown June 17th, 1775.

Battle of Monmouth

Head quarters of La Fayette at the Battle of Brandywine

Battle of Germantown. Attack on Judge Chew's house

Battle of Trenton

Lee's cavalry skirmishng at the Battle of Guilford.

Battle of King's Mountain.

Battle of Lexington.

Battle of New Orleans and death of Major General Packenham on the 8th of January 1815.

Battle of Camden - Death of De Kalb

Germantown Battle.

Battle Monument, Baltimore.

Battle of Monmouth, June 28th, 1778.

Battle of Monmouth, June 28th, 1778.

Battle of Germantown Oct. 4th 1777.

Battle of Brandywine, Sept. 11th 1777.

The battle ground at Trenton.

The battle at Bunker's Hill.

Map of New-York Bay and Harbor and the environs : [with colored manuscript additions to show positions of troops and fleets at the Battle of Long Island, 1776]

Baltimore Battle Mounument.

Assyrian warriors in battle.

Triumphal return of Assyrian warriors from battle.

A battle in a forest. [Quyunjik]

Triumphal return of the king from battle.

Map and plan to illustrate the battle of Long Island, Aug. 27th 1776

The king returning from battle. (Kouyunjik) [Quyunjik]

A battle in a mountainous country. [Quyunjik]

View of the battle ground at Concord, Mass.

York Town battle ground.

Saratoga, battle ground at Stillwater.

Battle of Bunker Hill.

The Battle of Lexington.



A field of battle. (Kouyunjik) [Quyunjik].

A field of battle (continued.) (Kouyunjik) [Quyunjik].

Battle of Wyoming monument.

Battle St. from Cosser Hill.

Monument of Miss Charlotte Canda, Battle Avenue.

Monument of Miss Charlotte Canda, Battle Avenue.

Battle Monument.

Chew's house, Germantown. (Around this house the battle of Germantown was fought in the Revolution.)

Battle of Gettysburg July 2 1863.

Battle of Gettysburg, Pa.

Battle Monument.

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