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Hercules and Atlas

Amsterdam in New Netherland, 1653-1664

[Bust portraits.] Giovanni da Fiesoli Dominicanus Monac., [...]

[Bust portraits.] Thomas Planschet Parisiensis, I. Iacob Thurneyser Basileensis, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Carolus. Patin. Med. D. Prof., Gabr. Car. Patina., [...]

Eum Pivilegio Sac: Caes Maiest.

Tail-piece. Caput XV.

Lala Virgo Vestalis.

[Bust portraits.] Iohannes Bolonie, Peterus Breugel Bredanus, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Paulus Pontius Antverpien., Lucas Vorstermanus Antm., [...]

[Bust portraits.] Horatius Gentilesco, Artemesia Gentilesca, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Vincentius Iustinianus Marghio Basan., [...]

Nova Nupta in Geniali Thalamo.

[Bust portraits.] Bartholome: Boham Noribergensis, Iacob Binckius Pictor et Sculptor, [...]

Portrait.] Par son tres humble serviteur R. Collin [...]

[Head-piece.] Nobilissimi atq; Strenui Domini Joachimi â Sandrart in Stockaw, Serenisi mi Ducis Neoburgici Consiliari Vita atg opera [...] Argumentum.

[Bust portraits.] Matthæs Merianus Matthæi Filius, David Klocker Ehrnstrahl Hamburgensis, [...]

Serenissimæ Venetorum Reipubicæ [...]

[Bust portraits.] Melanthus Cycionius, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Gulianno da S. Gallo, Piero di Cosimo, [...]

[Plate. Top scene is group of men pointing out their shadows on the ground; bottom scene is artist using lamp to project shadows onto a wall.]

[Bust portraits.] Titiano Uccello da Cadoor. Venet., Arioste Poeta Ferrariensis, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Francesco Salviati Florentinus, Baccio Bandinel Forentin., [...]

[Head-piece.] Præfatio.

[Bust portraits.] Iohannes Ab Eyck-Fland, [...]


[Bust portraits.] P. Ath. Mat. Kircher, Gal Galilila. Mat., [...]

Lucii Scipionis Statua.

[Tail-piece.] Cap. XI.

[Head-piece.] Partis Secundæ Academiæ Picturæ Nobilis Liber Tertius.

[Bust portraits.] Michael Mirevelt, Iacobus Callot, [...]

[Tail-piece. Nobilissimi atq; Strenui Domini Joachimi â Sandrart in Stockaw, [...] cont.]

[Tail-piece.] Caput IX, De Picturis Historicis.

[Bust portraits.] Homerus, Heraclitus, [...]

[Tail-piece.] Index.

[Bust portraits.] Adam Van Oort, Octavio Van Veen, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Polygnotus Athen. Pic., Polygnot. Thas. Pic., [...]

[Plate. Parts of skeleton, nude man pulling sock over leg.]

[Head-piece.] Partis Secundæ Academiæ Pictoriæ Liber Secundis de vita & encomiis [...]

[Bust portraits.] Lucas A. Leyden S. Lugdun BA., Quintin Mes Sies Antverpie, [...]

[Coat-of-arms bookplate.] The right honorable Francis North Baron of Guilford 1703 [...]

[Bust portraits.] Plato, Theophrastus, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Iohannes Holbein Senior Augustanus, Sigismundus Holbein Augustanus, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Giovanni Cimabue, Gaddo Gaddi, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Raphael Sanzio d. Urbino, Antonio da Corregio, [...]

[Head-piece.] Academiæ Picturæ Nobilis atque eruditæ pars prima, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Albrecht Durer Senior, Albrecht Durerus Noribergensis Iunior, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Anna Felicit Neubergerin, Carl Gustau Ambling Nori, [...]

[Head-piece.] Academiæ Picturæ Nobilis atque eruditæ pars secunda, [...]

Apelles pict. Athen:

[Bust portraits.] Mat Grunwald Aschafenburgensis, Barthel Geham Noribergenensis, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Parasius Ephesius, [...]

[Title page.]

[Bust portraits.] Giovanni Bellino Venet., Andreas Mantegna Mantuan., [...]

[Bust portraits.] Ioos Maurer Tigurinus, Tobias Stimer Schafhusanus, [...]

[Head-piece.] Juventuti, Pictoriæ.

[Tail-piece.] Pictura Lineas Amat. Partis Secundæ Libri II. Præfatio.

[Bust portraits.] Iulio Romanus Mantuan., Francesco Mazzoli Parmigiano, [...]

[Tail-piece.] Academiæ Picturæ Nobilis Partis Secunda Præfatio [...]

Composuit Zeuxes Iunonem e Quinque Puellis; Parrhasius Velo, Volucris Ceu Fallitur Uva.

[Bust portraits.] Iohannes Pocksbergerus, Franz Flores Antverpiensis, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Michel Le Blon Francofurtensis, Ægidius Sadeler Antverpensis, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Giorgio Vasari d'Aretso., Iosephus Arpinus, [...]

Nova Nupta in Geniali Thalamo.

[Bust portraits.] Francisco de Quenot alias Fiamengo Bruxellanus, Peter de Laar alias Bambots Harlemensis, [...]

[Head-piece.] Partis Secundæ Academiæ Pictoriæ Liber Prymus de vita & encomiis, [...]

[Tail-piece.] Cap. XXIII, Academiæ Picturæ Nobilis.

[Bust portraits.] Iohan Torrentius Amstelrodamensis, Wendelinus Dieterlinus Argentoratensis, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Barth. Mo. Rillius. Pic., Susanna De Sandrart, [...]

HARWICH Woodbridg and Handsordwater with the sands from the Nazel and to Hosely Bay.

A chart of the sea coast of ITALY, SICILY and part of BARBARY

A draught of the coast of Africa from the streights mouth to Cape Bona Esprance

A chart of the sea coasts of ALGRAVE and ANDALUSIA between Cape St. Vincent and the Strait of Gibralter and C. Spartel


A large draught of the GULF OF DARIEN with the coast to PORTO BELLA with a perticular draught of the scotch settlement in calledonia

A chart of the EAST-SEA

A draught of the south part of AFRICA from cape Bona Esperance to Delagoa

The sea coast of VALENCIA and CATALONIA from C S Martin to C Drago with the Island of Maiorca Minorca and Jvica

A new chart of the sea coast of ARGUIN from Gulf of Anna to the Land bank of Tindel

BURLINGTON BAY, Scarbrouth and Hartlepoole

A new and correct chart of the coast of IRELAND

The River Humber

A chart of the coast of BARBARY from C. Spartell to C. Cantin

A chart of the coast of GUINEA from cape de Verd to cape Bona Esperanca

A sea chart of part of the coasts of GALLISIA and PORTUGALL from Cape de Finistrre to the Burlings and from the Burlings to Cape de St. Vincent

The SOUTH-WEST coast of IRELAND from Dungarvan to the River Shannon

The city and harbour of CADIZ

The Sea-Atlas: Containing an hydrographical Description of most of the sea-coasts of the Known Parts of the world.

The Sea-Atlas.

The chart of the Leeth of BERGEN from Schuytenes to Bergen

A chart of the shoulds and rivers of GAMBIA

A new mapp of the Island of BOMBAY and SALLSET

The channell of ABBO or UTTOY; A chart of STOCKHOLM Leith

The city of LIMA where the vice Roy of Peru is Resident

A large chart of part of the coast of GUZARATT and INDIA from Diu head to Bombay

A large draught from Benjar on the Island of BORNEO to Macasser on the Island of CELEBES shewing the streights of Bally with the Island to the Eastward thereof.

A chart of PRUSSIA and Coerland from Rygshead to Der Winda

A chart of the CANARIE and MADERA Islands

The coast of NORWAY from Naze to Paternosters and part of Iutland

[Moray Firth and Sutherland, Scotland]