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Plans et élévation de deux grandes maisons: l'une de ville et l'autre de campagne.

Plans et élévation de deux petites maisons: l'une de ville et l'autre de campagne.

Basse Égypt : province de Charkyeh, maison d'un cheyk El Beled a Nakras; détails de maisons des provinces de Charkyeh, Menoueyeh, et Bahyreh; province de Mansourah, maison d'un cheyk El Beled a Abou Kraly; plans, coupe, élévation et vue d'une maison de Fellah, dans la province de Gharbyeh; plan, élévation et vue des fours a Briques; plans, coupe élévation et détails d'une maison de Fouah.

Vue d'un casin sur le canal El Khalyg hors la porte Bab-el-Charyeh

Vue des casins sur le canal El-Khalyg, hors la porte Bab-el-Charyeh

Plan et vue d'un casin sur le canal El Khalyg hors la porte Bab-el-Charyeh

Plans, élévation et coupe d'une maison sur la rue Tabhaneh

Suburan gothic villa.

Residence of William Moller. Irvington N.Y.

W. H. Aspinwall's villa.

N. P. Bailey's villa.

Residence of P. Lorillard. Bronxdale.

James Cunningham's Villa

Residence of Lorillard Spencer. Throg's Neck.

Mr. Cottenet's Villa

Convent at Font Hill.

Sunny Side. Residence of the late Washington Irving, Esq.

Residence of James Cunningham. Irvington.

Convent. Mount St. Vincint [Vincent].

Residence of D. Devlin. Manhattanville.

List of villas.

Residence of John F. Young. Fordham.

Residence of Jehiel Read. Hastings.

Fowler Place, Fishkill, near New Hamburgh. Residence of E. G. Kidder.

Residence of Bartlett Smith. Washington Heights.

Residence of Wm. Ogden Giles. Yonkers.

Wood Cliff, Residence of A. C. Richards. Fort Washington.

Fowler's Place. E. G. Kidder.

Residence of Henry F. Spaulding. Riverdale.

Residence of Isaac P. Martin. Fort Washington.

John J. Herrick's Villa

Residence of F. A. Thompson. Tubby Hook.

Mr. Cochran's Villa

John F. Young's [villa].

Residence of Thomas Cochran. Dobbs Ferry.

Residence of Wm. H. Aspinwall.

Residence of C. M. Connolly. Fort Washington.

Residence of Eb. & Ab. Strange. Ingleside near Hastings.

Charles M. Connolly's villa. Fort Washington.

Residence of S. D. Babcock. Riverdale.

Residence of John J. Herrick. Tarrytown.

J. Wilde Jr.'s Villa

Residence of H. L. Atherton. Riverdale.

Nuits. Residence of F. Cottenet, built of Caen stone. -- near Dobbsferry [Dobbs Ferry].

Isaac P. Martin's Villa

A. C. Richards' Villa

Residence of J. Wilde Jr. Dobbs Ferry.

E. A. Stevens' villa.

B. Smith's Villa

Rockwood, Wm. H. Aspinwall's villa.

[Title page]

Residence of Henry Winthrop Sargent. Near Fishkill.

Font Hill Castle.

Residence of Theodore McNamee. Irvington, N.Y.

H. L. Atherton's villa.

S. D. Babcock's villa.

First story plan of Mr. McNamee's villa.

Jehiel Read's Villa

Residence of E. A. Stevens. Castle Point -- Hoboken.


Residence of N. P. Bailey. Fordham.

F. A. Thompson's villa. Tubby Hook.

The magnificent residence of Horatio Rubens now building in Mariel vol. 4, no. 2, page 7

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