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Sixth vision: John sees birds feeding on the vanquished and the battle between the armies of the beast and those of the White Rider. (Apoc. 19:17-18)

Fourth vision: beast from the sea and the two-horned beast from the earth who gives the scepter to the first beast; men and women worship the first beast. (Apoc. 13:11-12)

Seventh vision: a hellmouth containing the devil, the beast and the false prophet; God enthroned with open book judging all the dead, some of whom remain in hell, while others, with books around them, are listed in the roll of the living. (Apoc. 20:11-12)

Fourth vision: people kneel before the beast from the sea; God watches as the beast from sea kills soldiers. (Apoc. 13:5)

Sixth vision: John witnesses the defeat of the beast and the false prophet who are thrown into hell, where the birds feed on them; an angel, with key and chain, locks the beast in prison for a thousand years. (Apoc. 19:20-21)

Sixth vision: an angel shows John the great harlot; John, depicted as if a small child carried by the angel, sees the bedizened harlot mounted on the beast with seven heads and ten horns. (Apoc. 17:1-4)