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Theatrum Machinarvm Novvm., NYPL

Georg Andreas Böckler (ca. 1617 – 21 February 1687) was a German architect and engineer who wrote Architectura Curiosa Nova (1664) and Theatrum Machinarum Novum (1661).
Born in Cronheim, he was an architect in the city of Nuremberg and specialized in hydraulic architecture. Architectura Curiosa Nova was his most important work. It is mainly a book on theory and application of hydrodynamics for fountains, water-jets, garden fountains and well heads with many designs for free-standing fountains. The fourth part includes designs for grottoes and garden pavilions. In 1661 Böckler wrote Theatrum Machinarum Novum, an important work on windmills, pumps and other hydraulic machines. Böckler died in Ansbach.

Theatrum machinarum novum : exhibens aquarias, alatas, iumentarias, manuarias; pedibus, ac ponderibus versatiles, plures, et diversas molas, variis frumentis commolendis, chartæ, & nitrato pulveri apparando, diversis tundendis, serrandis, terebrandis, panno constipando, decorando, aliisquè usibus destinatas, adaptatas ... annexis prætereà organorum, utensilium necessariorum, & utilium, ad hæc apparanda, figuris & explicationibus ...
Additional title: Theatrum Machinarvm Novvm.
Böckler, Georg Andreas, 1662, Coloniæ Agrippinæ
Publisher: Sumptibus Pauli Principis, Technempolæi Noribergici
Fig. LXIIX. Nitromylos, tundens.
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