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NYC, 1890s

Scrapbook of New York City views.Created by: NYPL's Public Domain ArchiveDated: 1890
Hansom cab, Hotels Netherland & Savoy, Vanderbilt mansion
Random Images of 1890's NYC
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Gus Hills Minstrels, 1890-1898 Park Avenue, Manhattan.
Joseph S. Burns, Branch Principal; Public School Number 71 (Branch of No. 33). - Heyward St., Near Lee Ave
General map of the city of New York, consisting of boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Richmond : consolidated into one municipality by act of the legislature of the state of New York (Chapter 378 of the laws of 1897) : showing in addition to the existing topographical and characteristic features of the city, a tentative and preliminary plan for a system of streets in those parts of the city consolidated under the above act of the legislature and which had no official street plan prior to 1898
Plan of Sea Gate, New York Harbor [Coney Island].
Map of the original grants of village lots from the Dutch West India Company to the inhabitants of New-Amsterdam (now New-York) lying below the present line of Wall Street : Grants commencing A.D. 1642
Map of the city of New York : with an index showing the location of prominent buildings and places of interest
Location of North River Bridge in the State of New York as approved by the Secretary of War, Dec. 29trh 1891. G. Lindenthal, Chief Engineer of the North River Bridge Co.
Atlas of the Brooklyn borough of the City of New York : originally Kings Co.; complete in three volumes ... based upon official maps and plans ...
Plate 2 [Map bounded by Jay St., Thomas St., Pearl St., William St., Liberty St., Hudson River]
Atlas of the city of New York, Manhattan Island. From actual surveys and official plans [title page]
Atlas of the city of New York, Borough of Manhattan, Volume Three (59th Street to 110th Street) ; from actual surveys and official plans
On the Promenade, Brooklyn Bridge, N.Y., U.S.A.
Manhattan Island, N.Y., as Seen from an Airplane.
A New York Street Organ. New York Sterecope Card.
Convent of the Sacred Heart. Manhattan.
Spingler House. New York Sterecope Card.
St. Nicholas Hotel. New York Sterecope Card.
Grand Central Hotel. New York Sterecope Card.
Interior of Manhattan Market. New York Sterecope Card.
Manhattan Market. New York Sterecope Card.
Interior of Manhattan Market. New York Sterecope Card.
The World building, New York, U.S.A.
Manhattan Life Building, New York. New York Sterecope Card.
The Tombs. New York Sterecope Card.
Grand Central Depot, New York. New York Sterecope Card.
Bas relief over old NYC HRRR [Hudson River Railroad] terminal at St. Jones Park.
National Academy of Design. New York Sterecope Card.
Bird's Eye View of that portion of the 23rd and 24th wards of New York City lying westerly of the New York and Harlem Railroad . . .
East River from Brooklyn Bridge
[New York City elevated Railroads.]
Geologic map and sections of Manhattan Island, State of New York
Geologic map and sections of Manhattan Island, State of New York
Map of New York City (Manhattan and the Bronx)
Lower Manhattan NY, taken from Governors Island by Harry B. Reid
Burning of Abbey's Park Theatre, New York
City Missions--interior of Olivet Chapel, Second Street, New York City
Cooper Union and Bible House, Eight Street
Theold pear-tree plated by Governor Stuyvesant, corn 3d Ave & 13th St.
Typical view of an elite ball in the Academy of Music fifty years ago
Hippotheatron & New York Circus; Grace Mission Church
Hippotheatron & New York Circus
Hippotheatron & New York Circus
December reception of the New York Teacher' Association at Steinway Hall
Manhattan: Broadway - 28th Street (West).
TheYoung Women's Christian Association building, no. 7 East Fifteenth Street
Manhattan: Broadway - 28th Street (West).
Row houses
Row houses
St. Georges's Church, corner of Sixteenth Street and Rutherford Place
Century Club
Old cottage residence in 16th St. near 3d Ave.--1861
Fireplace in the art gallery in the old building
Reading the parable of the prodigal son to the deaf mutes at their church in Eighteenth Street, New York, March 11, 1860
Private residence of the late Mayor Tieman's father, 23d St. betw. 4th & Madison Aves.
TheCollege of the City of New York, Lexington Avenue, corner of Twenty-third Street
Second National Bank; Aeolian Company; El station; Streetcars; Gas lamps
Booth's theatre, Twenty-third Street and Sixth Avenue, New York
Booth's Theatre, at corner of Twenty-third Street and Sixth Avenue
Im "Eden Mufée"
Ascene in the New York morgue--identification of the unknown dead
Bellevue Hospital, E. 26th St.
The sick women in Bellevue Hospital, New York, overrun by rats
Theold Henry Coster house, bought by Anson C. Phelps in 1835
Elevated railroad tracks and station
Church and brownstones
St. Mary's Free Hospital for Children, West Thirty-fourth Street, New York
General views, W. 38th St.
Ale and Porter Brewing in New York. T.C. Lyman & Co.'s New Premises, 38th Street
Grand Central Terminal (original)
Grand Central Terminal (original)
42nd St Elevated; Grand Central Terminal; Manhattan Storage Warehouse
Grand Central Terminal
Hotel Wellington; row houses
The Hotel Manhattan
General views, 42nd St.
Church of the Holy Trinity; Grand Central Terminal; Hotel Devonshire; El Station
E. 42nd St., Grand Central
Grand Central Terminal; horse drawn streetcars and cabs; Park Avenue Oyster House
Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal (original); horse drawn cabs; El Station; Grand Union Hotel
Ladies Union Society West 42 St., east of 8th Avenue
Interior of the Beekman house 1860, The Blue Room
Interior of the Beekman house, 1860. Major Andres Room
The Beekman house, headquarters of Sir Wm. Howe Sept. 1776
The Elgin Botanic Garden, between 50th  & 51st Sts. and 5th and 6th Aves, 1825
View of the Botanic Garden at Elgin in the vicinity of the City of New York
Mr. Stewart's House 54th St. betw. Broadway & 7th Ave.
Charles W. Dickel & CO's. Riding Academy
Delafield Mansion, 77th St. N.Y. 1861
A reminiscence of New York
The original cottage & later residence of the Jones Family, food of 82d St. East River
Cannstatter Volksfest with fruit decorated column
Elevated railroad curve & train
Bayard House
Terminus of the Main Drive in Central Park, 110th St.
Mrs John F. Dunker & others outside beer hall(?)
Thearched span across 125th Street at Broadway

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