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America, 1930s

Photographs of Farm Security AdministrationCreated by: NYPL's Public Domain ArchiveDated: 1935
Ex-farmer and children, now on W.P.A. (Work Projects Administration), central Ohio
The FSA (Farm Security Administration) is famous for its well known influential photography program that portrayed the challenges of rural poverty.

Creating false perceptions of individuals (A prime example of situational manipulation), photographers were hired to report and document the plight of poor farmers. In 1935–44, eleven photographers would come to work on this project. They were: Arthur Rothstein, Theo Jung, Ben Shahn, Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Carl Mydans, Russell Lee, Marion Post Wolcott, Jack Delano, John Vachon, and John Collier.

In total, the black-and-white portion of the collection consists of about 175,000 black-and-white film negatives.
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The family of Mr. Leroy Dunn, chopping cotton in a rented field near White Plains, Greene County, Georgia, June 1941.
Arkansas cotton pickers - early morning.
Re-building bridge after the flood, near Easton, Pennsylvania.
Farm yard. New York State
Dwelling, uninhabited, on proposed wild life area near Easton, Pennsylvania.
View of Ida Valley homesteads, Ida Valley, Virginia.
King farm optioned for wild life area, near Rensselaer, New York.
Farmhouse and family of resettlement client. Waldo County, Maine.
Interior of barn on proposed wild life area, near Rensselaerville, New York.
Baltimore houses with white steps. Baltimore, Maryland.
Backyards, Baltimore, Maryland.
Lunch hour for negro tomato pickers, Homestead, Florida, Jan. 1938.
Typical Baltimore houses with white steps and painted screens. Baltimore, Maryland.
Typical Baltimore houses with white steps and painted screens. Baltimore, Maryland.
Star pupil, 82 years old, reading her lesson in adult class, Gee's Bend, Alabama, May 1939.
Palm Beach, Florida, March 1939.
The barbed-wire enclosed camp for migratory workers at the Cannon [Canning] Company of Bridgeville, Delaware.
General view of Coal Hollow, Pennsylvania, about twelve miles south of Saint Marys City, Pennsylvania
Migratory agricultural workers at the Little Creek end of the Norfolk-Cape Charles Ferry. They are going to Bridgeville, Delaware to pick apples. July 1940.
Carpenters and construction workers waiting outside Florida State employment office trying to get jobs on Camp Blanding, Starke, Florida. Dec. 1940
FHA (Federal Housing Administration) low income housing project. Holyoke, Massachusetts
Church service in the Negro church, Woodville, Greene County, Georgia, October 1941.
Daughter of Mr. Buck Grant, Negro preacher near Woodville, Greene County, Georgia
Migratory laborers cutting celery, Belle Glade, Florida, January 1941.
Tintype photographer trying to make a sale at the Champlain Valley Exposition, Essex Junction, Vermont
Emergency defense office housing construction workers going on the job at 7:45 a.m. Washington, D.C.
Holyoke is a city of canals which supply water to the paper mills that line their banks. Massachusetts
Wife and child of a tenant farmer in northern Greene County, Georgia
Traffic cop in Brattleboro, Vermont
Mulatto ex-slave in her house near Greensboro, Alabama, May 1941.
Dormitories built to accomodate single men. FSA (Farm Security Administration) defense housing project. Hartford, Connecticut.
Washington, D.C. Construction work to provide emergency defense office space
At the "girlie" show at the fair in Rutland, Vermont
Civilian Conservation Corps boys putting up a fence, Greene County, Georgia, May 1941.
Reading war news aboard streetcar. San Francisco, California
Mrs. Gus Wright, Farm Security Administration client with her canned goods, Oakland community, Greene County, Georgia, November 1941.
Mrs. Annie Albrittan, who does washing in her home in Woodville, Greene County, Georgia, November 1941.
Picnic park created by CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps). Savoy Mountain State Park, Massachusetts
Negro sharecropper and son who will be resettled, Transylvania Project, Louisiana, January 1939.
Negro tenant farmer who grew strawberries on shares near Hammond, Louisiana. The husband said that in a good year they came out with maybe two hundred dollars, April 1939.
Single tubular well ready to pour well slab on ground; Safe well demonstration near Ridge, Maryland, July 1941.
An FSA [Farm Security Administration] supervisor consults a borrower about unsanitary water supply; Safe well demonstration, near La Plata, Maryland [Charles County,] July 1941.
Wife and children of a Negro tenant farmer, Tupelo, Miss., Aug. 1935.
Reading the Bible in the "storefront" Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois.
Children of family on relief playing, Chicago, Illinois.
Pastor of the Pentecostal Church, Chicago, Illinois.
Unloading oysters from packet boat arriving at New Orleans, La.
Meeting of NYA [National Youth Administration] girls with an instructor at the Good Shepherd Community Center, Chicago, Illinois.
Victorian gravestone. Mississippi
Scott's Run mining camps near Morgantown, West Virginia. Company houses
Scene at Smithland, Kentucky.
Coca-Cola shack in Alabama
Allie Mae Burroughs, wife of cotton sharecropper. Hale County, Alabama
Scott's Run mining camps near Morgantown, West Virginia. View near Osage
Depot in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Depot in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Old Iron Bracket--hand-forged from iron made at Coalins Forest and Game Reservation, between Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers, in Kentucky. Resettlement now owns the land and site of the old iron furnace which was built by slave labor and a chief source of iron for Confederate Army during Civil War.
Interior of miner's shack. Scott's Run outside of Morgantown, West Virginia
Gravestone in Bethlehem graveyard. Pennsylvania
Victorian house. Easton, Pennsylvania
Bethlehem graveyard and steel mill. Pennsylvania
View of Westmoreland project. [Norvelt,] Pennsylvania
Westmoreland project. [Norvelt,] Pennsylvania
Depot in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Children of miners, Kentucky, 1935.
Depot in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Westmoreland project, Pennsylvania. [Norvelt,] Westmoreland County. Construction worker on the Westmoreland subsistence homestead project
Alabama miners' houses near Birmingham, Alabama
Company store at Hecla Mine Number 1. Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Bethlehem graveyard and steel mill. Pennsylvania
Sidewalk scene in Selma, Alabama
Interior of miner's shack. Scott's Run outside of Morgantown, West Virginia
Felicity and Orange Streets. View down Orange Street. New Orleans, Louisiana
Degenerate period of early twentieth-century New Orleans architecture. Louisiana
New Orleans sandwich shop. Louisiana
Victorian cottage. Waveland, Mississippi
New Orleans, Louisiana
Greek Revival house at 1417 Annunciation Street. New Orleans, Louisiana
Belle Grove Plantation, 1858. [Iberville Parish,] Louisiana
Victorian cottage. Waveland, Mississippi
Negro houses, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Fruit sign. Beaufort, South Carolina
Civil War monument. Vicksburg, Mississippi
View of railroad station. Edwards, Mississippi
Minstrel poster in Alabama town
Roadside sandwich shop. Ponchatoula, Louisiana
Vicksburg Negroes and shop front. Mississippi
Ferry and wharf goods. Vicksburg, Mississippi
Rialto Theatre, Washington, D.C.
Store with false front. Vicinity of Selma, Alabama
Degenerate period of early twentieth-century New Orleans architecture. Louisiana
Entrance to Marianna, Arkansas, during the 1937 flood
Cotton hoer near Clarksdale, Miss., June 1937.
Negroes kneeling at graves of their relatives, and being blessed by Priest with Holy Water, New Roads, La.
Children in slum district. Baltimore, Maryland.
Fisherman's home along the Bayou near Akers, La., Oct. 1938.
Negro boy sitting by the stove on a cold in the strawberry picking season near Independence, La. April 1939.
Negro domestic servant, Atlanta, Georgia. May 1939.
Corner of room of living quarters provided for Negro strawberry pickers near Independence, Louisiana, April 1939.
Negroes in bunkhouse in strawberry fields near Hammond, Louisiana; Note crude bunks, straw mattresses, and crowded conditions, April 1939.

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